Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I've been tagged by Dean H. a month ago. Thank you Dean! (Sorry for such a long delay. Life has been crazy lately...)
When you've been tagged your supposed to mention who tagged you, then tell 7 things about yourself... Then you're supposed to tag 7 other defenseless souls.

Okay, lets try to find something interesting...

1. I was born and grow up in Russia.
2. Finished Art school in Russia too.
3. I do website design.
4. Besides working full time in art gallery, creating fine art and web design, I make jewelry
5. This year I was excepted as a member in International Guild of Realism.
6. Also I was excepted as a member in Oil Painters of America Association.
7. One of my paintings “Dry Brook” was chosen for the top50 in the “Paint the Parks” competition and now it is traveling with exhibition around America.

Now I would like to mention these great Artists:
David Malan
M. Collier
Neil Hollingsworth
Jelaine Faunce
Mick McGinty
Kathleen Daughan
Vic Vicini

I wish everybody Merry Christmas!!!