Thursday, November 23, 2006

''Pin Cushion & Scissors''
Acrylic on Art board 7''x5''



william wray said...

Hey V,

There are so many artists who want to link these days my list would be endless if I linked everyone. So what I do link are people I really get to know, ones that have posted often on my blog or I’ve gotten to know privately and admire as people and artists. To be brutally honest, I have a fairly high traffic and new artist doesn't so it’s not really a fair trade. I also don't care for gang e- mails and you don't either as my reply to you bounced. How ever, I invite you to post a note on my comments, people often following the link on your profile when you post a thoughtful comment and that builds traffic to your blog, that’s how I did it, brick by brick. Do you know about Wet Canvas? That’s a great place to get started.


Peter said...

I’ve been visiting various Artist sites asking people if they would like to submit a few images and/or words regarding their individual feelings about the idea of PEACE.

Then, I’ll build a specific BLOG POST featuring your own thoughts and artwork. Additionally, I’ll include a link back to your original site.

Thus far, it’s been a slow process…

Take care…