Friday, July 16, 2010

"Yellow Lilies Reflection"
Oil on canvas 12"x9"


Susan Roux said...

Hello Varvara,

Its taken me a while to find you. I noticed you haven't posted since the workshop. Has all this information got your head spinning? I'm progressing slowly. Its seems so difficult to think about every stroke. In time I hope it all comes naturally and flows without thinking... For now, I'm in practice mode.

Stephanie Berry said...

Hi Varvara--Funny I'm following Susan. I was going to ask if you were applying all the stuff Don taught us? Just found your blog but had looked at your website. You're so prolific.

Varvara Harmon - Artist and Illustrator said...

Hello Susan and Stephanie,
I am so glad to see you! I am wondering if you received couple emails I send you since Don’s workshop with the information I gathered from you. Please let me know.

Unknown said...
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